Watch: Africana Women Stand United with Video Statement Against Systemic Oppression and Violence aga

Women of African Descent converged from across the African Diaspora ahead of the National African American Reparations Commission Town Hall in New Orleans held Saturday, December 2, 2017, taking a stand of Solidarity with African Women across the world.

Solidarity Statement:

"Just as we do not condone or take lightly the present disclosures of sexual harassment, we want to make sure it is never forgotten the unfettered crimes against women of African descent during the enslavement era and beyond that to date still await remedy.

For well over 350 years Black women were viciously raped, savagely beaten, tortured, and had fetuses cut out of

their bellies, oft times by the perpetrator of the sexual assault.

Women who resisted were terrorized, continuously defiled and disrespected, and lynchings were commonplace. Oft-times white women were complicit in condoning the sexual crimes of white men against Black women, and oft-times falsely accused Black men of rape, leading to murder and dismemberment.

As attention is called to the ugly reality of present-day sexual harassment, there must also be reparatory justice to the historical sexual violations of Black women during the enslavement-era and beyond.

This can be accomplished through the passage of HR40 - The COMMISSION TO STUDY AND DEVELOP


Watch the statement in the video below:

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