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The updates on this page are being provided by CENADORES PR, a group of Puerto Rican diaspora professionals in the U.S. The group Cenadores PR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They are constantly providing updates via Twitter and Facebookas well.

Update on Puerto Rico:

  • 25% of the island now has water

  • They expect to start getting communications back on 9/25

  • Aid is coming from NY and FL

  • On 9/22 the governor flew on a helicopter to the west coast. Many towns on that side are still not heard of.

  • Helicopters are flying around the island to get patients and take them to functional hospitals

  • Medical personnel is being mobilized from the US

  • They can start requesting FEMA help

  • Airport will start functioning normally on Monday

Why this Page to Help Puerto Rico

I am aware that there are many organizations that will use this catastrophic event to profit with aid scams, and other are too corrupt to manage the donation funds. This list will keep being updated as I hear what are the most immediate needs on the island.

If you are in the U.S. and need to find your family

  • Write to Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration to Due to the large volume of emails, do not send more than one unless the situation of your family member has changed.

  • Call the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration: 202-800-3133

  • Call the radio station WIPR 787-777-0940

  • Call the Puerto Rico Family Institute at 212-414-7895. They are helping PRFAA because their lines are slammed. Just go through the recorded message and press any key.

List of organizations fundraising for Puerto Rico

United for Puerto Rico – PRFAA

United for Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3) organization whose staff is working on a full volunteer basis. The funds donated to the organization go directly to help Puerto Rican citizens rebuild their homes. Donations will focus on necessary construction materials to rebuild homes and also provide the labor which is 100% volunteers. To ensure full accountability and transparency of these donations, the organization is working with Microsoft and Evertec Inc. to establish a platform to track how the organization spends its funds. The organization, United for Puerto Rico, was developed by the office of the First Lady Beatriz Rossello and is promoted by the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration. See their presentation here.

Check this out! DC, VA, MD: Gathering Items for Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria

The Government of Puerto Rico in conjunction with federal authorities are doing assessments of the relief supplies both emergency and construction that are needed. In an effort to send what is actually needed we are sharing the official list below. Coordinating our efforts around theses supplies will ensure that valuable financial resources and shipping costs are targeted.

NEW! Univ. of PR Alumni and Friends Abroad (UPRAA)

UPRAA has established a Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico to offer all alumni and Friends Abroad an opportunity to donate. All funds collected will be channeled to the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration’s United for Puerto Rico relief efforts.

Center for a New Economy

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is an independent, non-partisan think-tank that advocates for the development of a new economy for Puerto Rico. You can donate to their Puerto Rico Relief Fund if you are interested in this organization based in PR.

Ricky Martin for Puerto Rico

Dear friends, Puerto Rico is going through one of the toughest times in history, and the island desperately needs us. Hurricane Maria left devastating damage leaving thousands of people affected. For this reason, I decided to create this page to collect funds to provide the basic needs and rebuild all that was lost. My donation of $100,000 is already in, and I know I can count on your support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable and much-needed contribution. – Ricky Martin

Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico

The Club has established a fund to provide basic needs and repair their facilities which serve as community centers for different towns., 787-216-8406.

Puerto Ricans in Action

A growing coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses in the greater Los Angeles Puerto Rican community have started a crowdfunding Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund that will benefit several local PR organizations such as ConPRmetidos, Iniciativa Comunitaria, and Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico. Their campaign ends on October 7.

Monica Puig (updated: 9.21 @ 1:45PM ET)

The Puerto Rican Olympic tennis player Monica Puig has started a crowdfunding campaign Help Rebuild Puerto Rico. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

JJ Barea Foundation (updated: 9.21 @ 1:48PM ET)

JJ Barea Foundation is an entity that was created to coordinate and facilitate the contributions that Dallas Mavericks player José Juan Barea and his group manage in order to use sport as a tool for social transformation. They have started a crowdfunding campaign Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Fund to collect donations.

Puerto Rico por Puerto Rico #PRxPR (updated: 9.21 @ 1:45PM ET)

I got an email from Jorge Silva-Puras who is also working with the PR diaspora, including Maria Celeste Arrarás and Carmen Báez. The #PrxPR campaign will use 100% of the donations to the most affected communities. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@PRxPRorg).


All donations to the Maria & Irma: Puerto Rico Real-time Recovery Fund will exclusively support the victims of the catastrophic Hurricane María and Irma in Puerto Rico and provide relief and aid the communities affected by this disaster. The funds will be used first for immediate needs of food, shelter and water and then transition to long-term recovery efforts.


ConnectRelief is coordinated by Caras, an NGO located in Puerto Rico. Caras created, developed, implemented and validated the concept based on past experiences in post-disaster Guatemala, Haiti, Mississippi and Puerto Rico. I don’t know them, but I was just on a call with very trustworthy Puerto Ricans who said they trust them 100%.

Friends of Puerto Rico

Friends of Puerto Rico (FPR) has launched the Hurricane Maria Relief Fund that will allow individuals to make donations to help rebuild Puerto Rico after the most devastating storm to Friends of Puerto Rico is partnering with the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club and will work with faith-based organizations to provide aid to special projects and most affected areas. FPR is a charitable organization approved by the IRS and the Government of Washington, DC. We also are also a certified non-profit organization by Facebook and Google.

The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund

This fundraising is being organized by Taller Salud in Puerto Rico. Funds will be used to support immediate relief, recovery and equitable rebuilding in Puerto Rico for low-income communities of color hit hardest by the storm. The fund will support organizations working with these communities.

Animals are Important Too!

So far I’ve heard of two fundraisers for stray animals: Friends of Culebra Animalsand Save a Gato. I want to wait until there is more communication on the island so I can get in touch with the small animal organizations that I usually support.

Volunteering Opportunities

Tech experts needed

People in the diaspora with a tech-related background who want to donate their expertise are encouraged to fill out the Maria Tech Recovery Effort form. This form is being managed by a group organizing through Startups of Puerto Rico who will work to connect key people on the ground in PR with the best talent in the diaspora. In order to partner effectively, they are using the form to create an “inventory” of talent that can be leveraged to help stand up services and share resources.

Lawyers are Needed: Puerto Rican Bar Association

The PRBA encourages our members and colleagues to volunteer to provide legal assistance. Spanish-speaking attorneys are needed, but all are welcomed and appreciated.We are in the process of developing a Hotline for victims in need of legal assistance and will provide more information. For information contact:

Legal aid provides the calm after the storm. After the storm subsides and the water recedes the exhaustion of survival will be met by the harrowing realization that their journey back to normalcy is only just beginning. The daunting work of putting their lives back together will require interaction with myriad governmental agencies and private businesses in order to interpret their rights to services and financial assistance. After a disaster, Legal Aid helps put lives back together by providing:

  • Assistance with securing FEMA and other benefits available to disaster survivors

  • Assistance with life, medical and property insurance claims

  • Help with home repair contracts and contractors

  • Replacing wills and other important legal documents destroyed in the disaster

  • Assisting in consumer protection matters, remedies, and procedures

  • Assisting with mortgage/foreclosure and landlord/tenant problems

You can help make a difference in assisting victims of the flood to regain their homes, their financial stability, and their lives. Please donate to the to assist Puerto Ricans in need of these essential services.

Federal Employees Needed

U.S. federal employees have an opportunity to temporarily help with governmental and congressional affairs, engineering, acquisition, logistics, and customer service (for up to 45 days) in Puerto Rico through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Surge Capacity Force for Puerto Rico. Federal employees interested in signing up for the Surge Capacity Force are encouraged to sign up through PRFAA to be specifically assigned to work in Puerto Rico: Other contact;

Below are the areas of expertise that the Surge Capacity Force hopes to fill. It is advised that applicants list their related experience and bilingual skills to increase their chance of selection.

  • Individual Assistance – Survivor outreach and communication, case management

  • Logistics – Load and unload trucks; coordinate and deliver resources; track inventory

  • IT – Establish connectivity for facilities; install, track, and manage equipment; configure communications equipment

  • Disaster Survivor Assistance – Engage directly with survivors; demonstrate understanding of available programs; case management

  • Hazard Mitigation – Floodplain management, mitigation strategies for the built environment, flood insurance, FEMA’s grant programs and authorities

  • Disaster Emergency Communications – Setup, operation, and shutdown of communications vehicles; installation of voice and data cables; knowledge of radio protocols

  • External Affairs – Communications, Congressional and intergovernmental affairs, media analysis, media relations, tribal affairs, private sector relations

  • Environmental and Historic Preservation – Knowledge of environmental, historic, and floodplain management processes and regulations

  • Human Resources – Human resources specialists and managers

  • Finance – Travel arrangements and budget controls

  • Acquisitions – Contracting officers, purchasing specialists, and procurement specialists

  • Infrastructure (Public Assistance) – Site inspectors, engineers, and client-relations specialists and managers

Red Cross

Folks interested in assisting on the ground can also sign up to volunteer with the Red Cross through the online volunteer application. This form is specifically for PR and Florida volunteers.

Donation Events by City

Puerto Rico Relief / Donation Drop-off Locations: This is an ongoing google docs spreadsheet with information on donation sites by cities. The author is constantly updating the list. His contact info is on the sheet if you wish to contribute.

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