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Military Influx Causes Social Unrest in Colombia

After almost three weeks of social unrest and extreme state violence in Colombia’s largest port city Buenaventura, the defense minister sent another 3,000 soldiers to the city while negotiations with locals continue.

The massive influx of military personnel further increased tensions in the port city.

The massive influx of military personnel further increased tensions in the port city where locals already have complained about the extremely violent response to the mass protests demanding an end to state neglect, corruption and violence.

To further agitate the impoverished inhabitants of the port city whose privatized port contributes $55 million a day to the national treasury, but nothing to the city, Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera on Sunday continued to deny evident police brutality.

The minister vowed to stay in the city until the strike was lifted.

Photo Credit: EFE

Locals have been adamantly turned to social and independent news media to demonstrate the rest of the country and the international community the minister is lying about the evident police brutality.

National media have mainly reported on the cost of the protests and similar police brutality in neighboring country Venezuela.

Reliable estimates about injuries and deaths do not exist. According to the National Police, one policeman has been “assassinated” and another 41 injured. The police reported no civilian deaths or injuries.

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