Venezuela Summit

It is the Summit of Venezuela in 2011, known as the 4th ENCOUNTER AND REVOLUTIONARY TRAININGS IN LATIN AMERICA where ARAAC would emerge as an articulation of revolutionary and progressive organizations and individuals from the Americas with the following agenda:


FIRST, the creation in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a recognition of the Afro-descendants, which was achieved in December 2011.

SECOND, To create the National Council for Afro-descendant Communities of Venezuela with an interministerial character in order to deepen the eradication of poverty, racism and discrimination. This goal for the Venezuelan case was achieved.

THIRD, Creation of the AFRODESCENDIENTE FUND OF ALBA to incorporate Afro-descendant communities of the countries of this organization in order to contribute to the sustainable and sustainable development of the most impoverished sectors. This goal has not yet been achieved.

FOURTH, create the SOLIDARITY FUND WITH THE HAITIAN PEOPLE for their dignified and sovereign reconstruction. This objective Venezuela has pushed it with great force.

FIFTH, To demand from the United Nations Organization the implementation of the Permanent Forum of Afro-descendants and the Decade of African Nations of the UN. This goal was achieved with the creation of the Decade, but it fails to create the permanent forum.

SIXTH, incorporation of the Afro theme in the most important left-wing Forum of the Americas and the Caribbean, which was achieved with the participation of an Afro delegation in the forum held in Venezuela, then in Brazil and Bolivia, Future forums.


Regional Council of Africans in the Americas (RCAA) was founded in October of 2016. They are other RCAA chapters in Ayiti, Brazil, Barbados, St. Vincent, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Here are some of RCAA goals and position statements:


➤  Advance the Black liberation struggle to include the voice of Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean within government, academic, and public spaces as part of the continued effort to liberate people of African descent from all forms of oppression. 

➤  Focus on the collective identity that restores the presence, persistence, and contribution of people of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean within the historical narrative of academic pedagogy. Special attention will be placed on the revolutionizing language programs in secondary and university levels of instruction such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and other regional languages. 

➤  Reclaiming and controlling our narrative and by extension contribute to the ongoing process of economic, spiritual and psychological reparations. 

➤  Encourage partnerships with other liberation groups, social justice activists, educator, scholars and political leaders of African descent across the African Diaspora (Abibiman Maa) with emphasis in establishing strong ties with our Sisters and Brothers in North America. Promote through networks and social media, the history, cultures, religions and contemporary struggles of people of African descent in South America, Central, and the Caribbean. 

➤  Self-study, education, and understanding of the African presence in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.


RCAA looks to create a space to engage the Africans in North America and across the Caribbean and Central and South America in a conversation that builds a collective Black Agenda and Action.

Update: 2017

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